'The Perfect Viral Project' by Tess Pyke
Individual Research Project - Graduate Show




The design concept for my individual research project explores viral spread and user interaction on the Internet. The purpose of this is to engineer the 'perfect viral project', through constructing a series of memes, with the intention of them going viral in the social media space. The process is broken down into a system of three main components. The base of content is to design my own set of makeup memes, which are then shared into the public social media space of Instagram. Through tracking the likes, comments, tags and followers of this account, I have translated the information into data visualization, to then show how I have perfected and optimized the memes to become more viral and popular with the Internet trends.

The first component is looking at what content to use to attack attention on the Internet; image macro memes. I have chosen to base the topic of my memes around makeup, with the daily makeup struggles and common makeup related problems.

The second component of the process is based around the social media space, an online communication system that is used to share information to other users. I wanted to create an account that enabled me to post and upload the memes, to the public for users to access, and interact with. I decided on Instagram as the final social media space as it is an image-based site, and for its explore section, and the trending hash tag feature. Allowing me to publically tag words in each post to place it in the appropriate trending search engines, for example #makeup #beauty #meme. This process creates a more likelihood of spread and interaction with during the most active time online.

The last component to my project, is translating this information into data, and rendering it into a visualization poster. Because of the way the human brain processes information, it is faster for people to grasp the meaning of many data points, when they are displayed in charts and graphs visually. From each set of memes I create and post, I will use the results to create another set which is even more successful, through being more viral and popular. This was done in three versions (Version 1.0), each one including a series within it (Version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3). I analyzed which were the viral memes, through the ones with the most likes and attraction. The factors for this was in relation to the times it was posted, which quote was used, which hash tags were used and what imagery it had.